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Our Services

Our aim is to provide an excellent clinical service which offers our patients:

  • Rapid reaction to medical problems
  • Convenience of appointment times
  • Fast access to test results to minimise anxiety and delay – usually available within 48 hours but, depending on the test, this could be even quicker.  We use a reputable, quality assured laboratory to ensure accurate diagnosis and peace of mind.
  • Immediate referral to Consultants and Specialists at the hospital of your choice.
  • Access to medical care when the surgery is closed.

Our Prices

New Patient registration and consultation:     

Adult - £90  
Child under 16 - £70  
Temporary Resident - £90  


Once registered


Adult - £70  
Child under 16 - £55  
New Patients after 7.00 pm - £180  


If exceptionally an appointment is granted after the last booked appointment at 6.45 pm, a fee of £95 will apply.

Saturday morning surgery:

Adult - £90  
Child under 16 - £75  
New Patients after 12.00 - £180  


If exceptionally an appointment is granted after the last booked appointment at 11.45 am, a fee of £125 will apply.

Home Visits:

During Surgery Hours - From £180

Out of Hours/Weekends - From £250


We offer a comprehensive range of well person medicals and are also able to perform medicals required by third parties e.g. life insurance companies, various professional and public service medicals i.e. taxi driver medicals and various sports related medicals e.g. aviation and diving medicals.

Well Person Medicals £425 - £595 depending on age of patient & content of medical

Full medical and family history

Diet and Exercise Analysis

Top-to-toe physical examination


Fasting blood test for anaemia, cholesterol and lipids, liver and kidney function, diabetes, gout and thyroid function

Urine analysis

Lung function test

Hearing and vision tests

A personal report

Gynaecological Assessment - £190

Pelvic examination and smear test

Breast assessment

Weight, blood pressure and urine analysis


Additional Tests Not Including Consultation Services

ECG (Electro Cardiogram) £50

Ear Syringing £15 Dressings £5 - £50

Injection (depending on the medication) from £20 plus any other services recommended during your consultation not listed above


Repeat Prescriptions

Collected from Surgery £5

Posted to Patient £7.50

Faxed & Posted to Pharmacy £10


Controlled Drug Prescriptions

Collected from Surgery £10

Posted to Patient £12.50

Vaccinations offered

Cervical Cancer Vaccine – Gardasil

This is available for girls and boys over the age of 9.  We use Gardasil – the most comprehensive cervical cancer vaccine.

The course is:

Age 9-13 years - 2 vaccines @ Day 0 and 6 months

Age 14-17 - 3 vaccines @ Day 0, 4 weeks (1 month) and 16 weeks (4 months) or more


Combined Tetanus, Polio and Diphtheria - Revaxis

Hepatitis A – Havrix Mono

Hepatitis B – Engerix B

Japanese B Encephalitis - Ixiaro

Meningitis B – Bexsero

Pneumonia Vaccine - Pneumovax

Rabies – Rabipur

Shingles vaccine - Zostavax is available

Yellow Fever – Stamaril

Zostavax is available for all patients aged over 50. A single dose will protect you against this debilitating illness.

Flu Vaccination

We offer the seasonal flu vaccine for all age groups over 6 months to 100 years. The vaccine is suitable and recommended for pregnant women. The cost of the vaccine to registered patients is £30. New patients may register to obtain the vaccine.

Travel Vaccines

We are able to advise you on your medical needs for travel to all parts of the globe. We are also able to prescribe the latest Anti-Malarial tablets and administer travel vaccinations to business travellers and holiday makers alike.

Where possible please ask about travel vaccines 3 months or more ahead of your trip so that the course of vaccinations can be planned  for you. However last minute travel plans can be attended to.

This Practice is a registered UK Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

Childhood Vaccinations

Routine childhood vaccinations are offered at this Practice including:

Baby Vaccinations as follows:

2 months

3 months

4 months

12/13 months

3-4½ years (pre-school booster)

13 – 15 years – teenage booster

Doctors with time to care...

We have over 30 years experience in the private General Practice sector and aim to offer our patients a friendly, personal, efficient and confidential service with access to a Doctor 24 hours a day. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard in general practice.

Registered with the Care Quality Commission:

Registration No: 0000061336